Don't Trust Anyone Under 55

Cooking For Geezers website is designed with you in mind. If you are starting to cook, want to improve your cooking skills or offer expert advice, you are in the right place. We will try to offer sound advice from boiling water to the best way of cooking eggs. We will search for new methods and equipment for anyone who has special needs and provide you with a safe and effective way to enjoy cooking. From recipes to helpful hints, kitchen safety, and more, we hope that this site will become one of your favorites. Consider this site as a useful tool for you and your GEEZER friends. We would appreciate your being a member and visiting us often. We would suggest different methods of cooking with wine and you will prepare a meal fit for a king and his queen. Also, we will look for your suggestions and recipes and helpful hints. As this site grows, a new method for using coupons will become available saving you time and money. So help us grow this site and please give us your feedback Most of all remember.. Don't Trust Anyone Under 55