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Ask Buddy Produce                                             November/December


For all of your questions regarding produce:

What’s in season now?

Pumpkins, yams, hard squashes,

You can always tell what’s in season by how produce is displayed in most markets. Seasonal items are at their lowest price as well as best quality. They are attractively merchandise to draw the customer to the product.     

How to pick?

For these items you always want to pick one that is heavy for its size. (The heavier the better)

How to store?

Produce can be stored in many ways: for the seasonal items mentioned above you want to store them in a cool dry place. They don’t need refrigeration.

How to prepare?

One particular way to prepare Hard squashes i.e., Butternut Squash:

Cut in half, scoop seeds out, bake in oven on 350 degrees until fork soft/tender approx. 30 min depending on size, sprinkle with brown sugar and butter, and bake for another ten minutes…Yum!    


Ask “Buddy Produce”  

Buddy worked in the grocery industry as a Produce Manager for 35 years. He’s retired now but still exercises his skill set, and produce knowledge by sharing his tricks of the trade. Anything you can think of feel free to ask him regarding produce.   

Helpful daily Shopping tips:

·       1 – Look to make sure produce has been rotated at the market  – if they are NOT pulling to the front and filling from the back, the front may be fresher. 

·       2 – The more shiny the better when it comes to apples

·       3 – Always break bananas up and buy 3 almost ripe and 4 green for later in the week.

Helpful Storage tips:

·       1 – Never refrigerate tomatoes, they will lose their flavor 

·       2 – Never place bananas in a bowl on counter next to citrus, they will ripen too fast

·       3 –You can place avocados in fridge if they are ripe and you need to use them later; however,  avocado’s should always be served at room temperature 

All Those Other Vegetables:

How about cooking some of those “other vegetables”……instead of the same old ones you pick every week.

See the recipe above for butternut squashes you won’t be disappointed.

 Another classic this time of year is cranberry sauce: Always make your own cranberry sauce!!

Purchase two bags of cranberries – freeze one and use it at Christmas. Cranberries are hard to come by at Christmas.

Follow recipe on bag and add your own twist such as a splash of cinnamon, walnuts, orange, or maple syrup etc., good luck and enjoy!